A brief note on accelerationism

To oversimplify, but catch the essence of, the case for acceleration versus putting a band aid on the status quo, the agreed seems to be that:
Right now x=h people are dying/being substantially harmed/bad thing per year.
Accelerating would increase that to an average of h=x+a for y years, but then decreasing it to h=x-b for z years.
The band aid Bernie would decrease it to h=x-c for w years.

If you think b*z-a*y>c*w, you accelerate. If not, you put a band aid on things. But of course since the latter option is closer to the status quo, we conveniently ignore the magnitude of x in the first place. People endorsing such an option point to the damage done to a and c while sweeping under the rug the damage done to b.

I think b is massive. The group b also includes at least intensively defined pretty much the entire sets of a and c. So the question is less of values (unless an extreme focus on short terms gains is a value in play) and more an empirical difference.


An interesting post regarding the death tolls of communism and capitalism

An interesting post regarding the death tolls of communism and capitalism. (Usually the counts of the former assume the count of the latter is 0. So any lives cut short by (the implementation of) communism count, but any lives saved are not subtracted.)

I remain convinced the word “communism” should be thrown out, except perhaps in technical contexts. In popular contexts people associate it with state capitalism, which I’ve yet to meet more than perhaps one person who actually advocates for. (In its place I suggest “classless-stateless-society-ism” which, while a mouthful, will immediately create strong dissonance for anyone saying it was implemented by some state or involves creating a ruling class. Because, well, if you have a state or classes, obviously you don’t have CSSism.)