If I Cared

This family is stronger than you
You stand no chance if you dare touch
Touch my mom or my sister, and you’ll die
Die in the same way you lived: Pathetic
Pathetic is the only word for such an inept
Inept narcissism is just toxic
Toxic waste in a human shape
Shape up you couldn’t — it’s fucking over.


Saying You’re Dead to Me Overstates Your Importance

I probably should have been upset by the fact that my father is dead
to me. But instead of moping I went out singing about bashing him in the head.
All I can do is smile in the self-inflicted sunshine
as he stains his pillows red. The closest I came
to giving a damn was when I was afraid I’d be hit for
homicide. Maybe I should feel something now. But I don’t.
I don’t care except to get my old guitars from his place.
Anger, joy, pathos writ large are just offline
like his head. Woops.


Another iteration. New. Again.
Again let’s go again let’s go again.
Remix. Repeat. Remix. Repeat. Again.
Let’s go again let’s go again let’s go.
It’s all been done. Do it again. Once more.
All-American suicide. Revive.
Sell me your toes. One dollar each. Regrow.
I know you slip. I heard from Dante you
will burn, too. Can you feel the fire burning?
There is a spectre haunting this house and
I wonder who it could be. Maybe that
old ghost of Communism is back. Or is
God back? Maybe a broken family.
Let us begin again. Once more. Again.
I’ll tell you over and over. Again.
One more Pan-European patricide.
Perhaps the whole world will sing too. Somebody
once told me to ask what I know for sure,
but I was not sure I knew what he asked.
Try all you want to make me understand.
All that you can do is remix the words.
I’m not sure you know anyway what you mean.
Sound and fury signifies nothing. But we
make do with what we have and what we are
nothing. Negate the being and remix.
Repent. Reiterate and then repent.
Go collect all the gems and free the slaves.
If you can summon your heart’s desire.
The nothingness that is me is no thing
that is you is the other is just Hell
so to Hell with the other people! Leave
me be alone. Forget the meaningless
despair, though. Just rock and roll all nite or
love it when you one-two step please don’t stop.
Hide tragedy. Say never again,
Just once more for our justice so they say,
now never again except now we get
a turn for our revenge. Retribution.
But there’s no crime without a victim so
I guess you’re fine. Recapitulate and
decapitate. Remix the words and you’ll
get something new. Reiterate the moves
and you can have some meaning. But feel the
respect for nothingness.